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Dare to Dream?

Just a reminder that it is that time of year again. We challenge you to “Dare to Dream”!!

The Foundation for Winona Area Public Schools encourages and supports the creative spirit within the District with an opportunity to apply for a grant to completely fund a new, innovative program up to $5000. The Dare to Dream grant is offered annually to all District Staff. The grant seeks to support new ideas that will enhance learning or provide new opportunities for students of the Winona Area Public Schools.

To apply for the Dare to Dream Grant, describe your idea in 500 words or less and submit via email to: Your application should focus on presenting the concept of your project and the benefits to students that would result if your dream was funded. Include an estimated budget and timeline. Finalists may be chosen to join the Board of Directors for a brief presentation if needed.

Grant Application Deadline: September 30th, 2014