Dare to Dream Grant

Congratulations to Principal Jolene Danca for Daring to Dream with the WALC Peace Chill Room!

Jolene Danca is 2022's Dear to Dream winner!

The Foundation for Winona Area Public Schools started the Dare to Dream project as a way to encourage and support the creative spirit within the District. The goal is to provide an opportunity to apply for a grant for up to $5000 to fund a completely new innovative program that will support ideas to enhance learning or provide new opportunities for students of the Winona Area Public Schools.

Principal Jolene Danca wrote a Dare to Dream application to create the WALC Peace Chill Room! This lounge will be a dedicated, safe and neutral space in our building for students and staff to work through difficult emotions and challenging situations.  Additionally, students may elect to go to the Peace Chill Room for a variety of reasons, including an ongoing conflict with a family member(s), to seek support on how to navigate difficult relationships with peers, teachers, or family members or discuss personal problems.

This room will also be a space where our weekly circle meeting will take place and where Miller Mentoring and outside counseling services can utilize while supporting students on campus.  Students tend to be more open and vulnerable in a more comfortable space.

The Peace Chill Room will give our WALC students assurance that there is a safe, quiet retreat available for them when needed and our outside support and tutoring services will have a space to adequately and comfortably support our students.

Students are in need of Dare to Dream moments and the Foundation is proud to support those goals and moments.

Congratulations to Jolene Danca for Daring to Dream.  For more information on this project or other exciting things happening at the Foundation for Winona Area Public Schools, contact us.

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