Grants Funded 2011-12 School Year

Program/Project Name
WAPS 3rd Grade Dakota Education Day
WAPS Elementary Sprouts-Get out and Grow Program
WAPS Elementary & WMS 2012 Young Writers’ Conference
Jefferson 2nd Grade National Eagle Center Field Trip
Jefferson 4th Grade MN Zoo & Whitewater State Park Field Trip
Jefferson Elementary Kids First Grant
Jefferson Elementary Tablet Teaching Tool
WALC 9-12th Grade Lifestyle Sports
WALC Positive Behavior Intervention & Support System
WALC Whitewater State Park All-School Field Trip
WK Elementary After-School Art Program- Washington-Kosciusko
W-K Elementary Kindergarten Trip to MN Marine Art Museum
WMS 5th Grade MN Zoo & IMAX theater Field Trip
WMS 6th Grade Environmental Education Field Trip to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center
WMS 7th Grade Guthrie Field Trip to “A Christmas Carol”
WMS 7th Grade History/Geography Video Library
WMS 7th Grade Science Solar Panels/Wind Turbine
WMS 8th Grade Band Festival Field Trip
WMS 8th Grade Quarry Hill Field Trip
WMS Choir Performance Festival
WMS & WSHS Miller Mentoring Summer Program
WSHS & WMS Rachel’s Challenge Student Assembly
WSHS High School Florida Band Trip
WSHS High School Grade Concordia Language Village
WSHS Senior Seminar
WSHS & WMS Student Trips to Italy, Greece, Ireland, England, Scotland, Costa Rica
WSHS “Bike to School Day” Activities