Grants Funded 2012-13 School Year

Project/Program Name
Madison Elementary Kimochi Educator Kit for counselors
Madison- PBIS program for fall 2013
Jefferson- 4th
Rollingstone Elementary – Minnesota Marine Art Museum Partnership- field trip and experience with IPads
W-K Elementary- Artist in Residence- American Traditional Dance and Music
Arts in Education- Rollingstone, W-K, Madison- Artist in Residence
Arts in Education- Rollingstone, W-K, Madison- Artist in Residence
Young Writer’s Conference- district youth
Elementary Author visit- all five elementary schools for fall 2013
WMS 7th grade Guthrie Field Trip- “A Christmas Carol”
WMS 6th grade field trip to Minnesota Capitol
WMS 5th grade Minnesota Zoo field trip
WMS 8th grade Kalahari Band Festival
WMS 8th grade Quarry Hill field trip
WMS 7th and 8th Trills and Thrills Music Festival
WSHS Concordia Language Village Experience- German and Spanish
WSHS- special education field trip to Science Museum of La Crosse
WSHS- Artist in Residence- Film Project
WSHS- Art Bookmaking Project
WSHS -Learn Stain Glass Project
WSHS Orchestra trip to New York
WSHS Global Scholars trip to Europe- summer 2013
WSHS and WMS Misato Japan Trip
WSHS Challenge Econ/Stats field trip to the Mall of America
WSHS Multicultural Day-“We Believe”- UW-La Crosse
WSHS diversity assembly “We Believe”
WSHS physiology and anatomy field trip- Science Museum – “Body Worlds”
WSHS Career Expo 2013- partnership with Chamber of Commerce
WSHS AP Lit and Comp class- Guthrie Theatre field trip
WSHS and WALC Senior Seminar 2013
WALC and Family and Children’s Center collaboration- science lab equipment
WALC “Remembering the U.S. Dakota War”- field trip to Fort Snelling and the Minnesota History Center
WALC- PE bowling experience
WALC- Positive Behavior Interventions
Teacher grants: Mary Cappel- Jefferson and Tim Firstbrook at WSHS (Funded through employee payroll deduction)
Dare to Dream – WSHS Outdoor Education Program- science, PE and environmental education
Complete SMART Board project- install two more units grade Science Museum field trip