Grants Funded 2013-14 School Year

Project/Program Name
Teen Parent Program- WALC
Reading Promotion- WSHS
Senior Seminar- WSHS
Whitewater State Park Trip WALC
Guthrie Theatre Field Trip WMS 7th Grade
Face Large and Small- Artist in Residence WK, Rollingstone, Madison Gr 3 & 4
Festival of Nations- WSHS
Science Museum- Stem 6th Grade
Quarry Hill Field Trip- WMS 8th Grade
Trills and Thrills Music Festival- WMS 7th and 8th Grade
iCan Bike After School Program – Special Needs Program
Elementary Author Visit- All Elementary Schools
White Privilege Conference- National Conference- Madison WI
Young Writer’s Conference
WSHS Film Making Project-Artist in Residence
Student Ambassadors to Misato Japan- WMS and WSHS
Minnesota Zoo Trip- WMS 5th Grade
WSHS Florida Band Trip- WSHS
Games of the World Residency- Jefferson K – 4
Concordia Language Village- WSHS Grades 9 – 12
WSHS Career Expo- WSHS Sophomores
Flashcard Fun Fact- 2nd Grade Math Project
White Privilege Conference – WSHS
Link Crew- WSHS Support Program for incoming Freshman
Payroll Deduction Grants (2) $250 Grants for Educational Materials
8th Grade Band Festival- 7th and 8th Grade Band Students
WMS 6th Grade Capitol Trip
Great Dakota Gathering Education- 3rd Grade