Grants Funded 2018-2019 School Year

Project/Program Name

7th Grade Trip to Children’s Theatre Company
SE MN Field Investigation Trip
History Day
Fort Snelling & State Capitol Trip
Elementary Author Visits
Mayo Health Fair
Music Staff Whiteboards
Native American Music Presentation
Class Speaker on Writing
Class Speaker on Historical Fiction
Birds of Prey Presentation
Rotary Lights 8th Grade Choir Performance
Sensory Tools for Pre-School
Sensory Tools for 2nd – 5th Grade
LEO PayDay Rewards Program WALC
MOA Econ Stats Class Study-WSHS
WMS Speaker- Behavior
Dr. Jean Music & Bluetooth Speaker- WK
7th Grade Social Studies Field Trip History Center
Bee Bots
ECFE Education Families
Science Museum Assembly- WMS
WSHS Orchestra Trip to NYC
Japan Ambassadors to Misato
Honors Choir Trip- UWEC
Celebr8- Great Bears Resort
RIOS Bilingual Math Night
Writing Cutting Aide Kit
Calm Down Buckets
Concordia Language Village Trip
Shine On- 3rd & 4th Girls Retreat
MN Zoo Trip- 5th Grade
Musical Theatre Field Trip
Calendar Time- Developmental Cognitive
Performance in the Park- WMS Choir
MOA Field Trip-Honors Econ & Stats
Trip to Jump Start-5th Grade
Trip To MMAM-2nd Grade Jefferson
Elementary Author Visit
Spanish Books- WMS
Young Writers Conference- WMS
Shakespeare in the Schools- WSHS
Guthrie Field Trip- WMS
Kalahari Band Trip- WMS
AVID Blessings Bags
Owl Pellet Education
RIOS Artist Residency
Speaker Brooks Gibbs on Bullying